12 Songs of Inspiration, Part I

I’ve gotten distracted from posting on here.  Christmas is nearing and that means work for me is getting busier and busier.  Lately I’ve been feeling like things are always a struggle, like what I really want will stay just out of my reach even though I see it happening for a number of people around me.

I haven’t asked for anything this Christmas.  Nothing specific anyway.  What I really want is not something that can be purchased; it’s one of the most precious things anyone could ask for; it is something that must, or should be, pursued and fought for; it is not something easily given or obtained.

I listen to 88.7 WayFM Nashville a lot when I’m out driving.  Originally I left my radio on that station because it was the only one that didn’t get static-y when I had a 10+ mile drive to work.  Over time, I began to hear songs that conveyed some message that I needed to hear after a rough day at work or when I was feeling depressed.  Now it’s the only station I listen to.  I’ve got a collection of 12 of my favorite songs I’ve heard on WayFM and I’m going to share them with you between now and the end of the year.

Song #1 – You Are More, by 10th Avenue North


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