“Everything’s shiny, Captain.”

Been a long time since I’ve been here. I was only a little surprised that my account hadn’t been deleted in my long absence. Got a lot of thoughts and such that need organizing and refining running around in my head. It’s been a better year than the one before but some days it doesn’t feel like it. Some of the thoughts and feelings I’ve had or been having feel like they’re conflicting with one another – making me wonder if it’s the sort of thing Anakin Skywalker may have been experiencing during some of his time as a Jedi.

Yeah, he’s a fictional character. Get over it. I’ll identify with whomever I want if it helps me get my point across.

I sometimes see things differently from other people; have opinions or like things (or certain parts of things) that don’t make sense to people. I can try to explain it to them but since I have difficulty getting the right words out quickly, I get overwhelmed by opposing or differing viewpoints. I understand that you may not fully get why I like what I do or why I feel the way I do. Just don’t put me or my feelings down like they’re worthless.

So yeah…”Everything’s shiny, Captain.” (Just ignore the bangs and smoke in the engine room behind me.)


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